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Length: One Day

Microsoft Office Access 2010 is Microsoft’s popular database program. This Intermediate level is intended to help those who are familiar with the basics of Access do more with their database. This manual will also help more experienced users who have little to no experience with Access 2007 and the ribbon interface.

Highlights of the course include information on file management, including exporting and packaging files, advanced table creation, and management techniques. As well, we will provide in-depth information about creating forms, reports, and queries.


Section One: Advanced File Tasks

Lesson 1.1: Using Windows Explorer within Access

Lesson 1.2: Database Management

Lesson 1.3: Saving Your Files

Lesson 1.4: Exporting Files

Lesson 1.5: Linking Files


Section Two: Working with Tables

Lesson 2.1: Customizing Tables

Lesson 2.2: Formatting Tables

Lesson 2.3: Controlling Table Data Entry

Lesson 2.4: Managing Table Data Entry


Section Three: Working with Forms

Lesson 3.1: Basic Form Controls

Lesson 3.2: Advanced Form Controls

Lesson 3.3: Formatting Your Form

Lesson 3.4: Formatting Controls

Lesson 3.5: Using Themes


Section Four: Working with Reports

Lesson 4.1: Organizing Report Data

Lesson 4.2: Formatting Reports

Lesson 4.3: Common Report Tasks


Section Five: Working with Queries

Lesson 5.1: Basic Queries

Lesson 5.2: Doing More with Queries

Lesson 5.3: Creating Advanced Queries

Lesson 5.4: Creating Management (Action) Queries